3rd Quarter AR Parties
Smile & Move
Welcome back to a new school year! We've had a terrific first week, and we're implementing a new theme for our district. It's called Smile & Move. By thinking of those two simple words, we can have a huge impact on the lives of everyone with which we come into contact. Each month, we'll focus on one area of the Smile & Move theme, as follows:
Aug./Sept. - Wake up
October - Be thankful
November - Be approachable
December - Complain less
January - Smile, really
February - Start early and go long
March - Go beyond expectations
April - Have a sense of urgency
May/June - Be resourceful & resilient with no excuses
On our bi-weekly newsletter, look for interesting and/or motivating quotes about these topics. Have fun and make an impact by Smovin'! 
NED Show
Spring Musical
The 2nd-4th graders put on a great show in our spring musical. Thanks to the 5th and 6th graders for the great decorations. What a fantastic turnout!
4th Grade Thespians
4th graders at Miller Avenue performed "Ranita, the Frog Princess" for their parents and loved ones. Be very proud of their hard work! Great job, 4th graders!
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