Students of the Month

Students of the Month

High School Student of the Month

Meghan Petitte is a freshman at Garaway, daughter of Greg and Melanie Petitte and lives in Sugarcreek. She is an honor roll student, member of NJHS and was awarded the Archie Griffin Sportsmanship as an eighth grader.  Meghan plays volleyball and softball for the Pirates.  Her hobbies are hunting, riding her bike and sports.  Although she has a few years before graduating, she would like to be a veterinarian or a nurse. Meghan chose Mr. Spillman, Science Teacher to honor for having a positive influence on her at Garaway:  "Mr. Spillman makes the class laugh every day.  He makes sure that everyone knows what we are doing in class that day, always make jokes, and he cares about all of his students."

Middle School Student of the Month

Grace Yoder is the daughter of Robert and Reanda Yoder of Baltic. She was nominated by her seventh grade teachers. Grace is an honor roll student; plays softball, volleyball, basketball, plays drums in the band and is in the middle school GAP program.  She is also active in her church’s youth group.  Grace enjoys reading, and listening to music.  Grace is honoring Mrs. Starner, English Teacher:  "I would like to honor Mrs. Starner because she is a kind person and shows respect to all of her students.  She always takes how we feel into consideration and asks for our opinions/votes on what we want to do.  I feel like she is a great teacher and has a fun personality and good sense of humor.  Mrs. Starner puts a lot of effort into her classes and truly wants the best for us.  She is always available for questions and is always willing to help us.  Teaching is more than just a job."

Fine Arts Student of the Month

 Alyssa Beachy is Garaway’s Fine Arts Student of the Month for February.  She is a junior and the daughter of Jonathan and Ruth Beachy of Sugarcreek.  Alyssa is an honor roll student and works at Wallhouse.  She enjoys playing the piano, painting, and reading.  Alyssa would like to pursue art as a career, either in graphic design or something of a similar nature.  Alyssa is honoring Mr. Zobel, Garaway Virtual Academy Coordinator:  "I would like to honor Mr. Zobel because even though he pushes for success, he recognizes hard work.  He also encourages me to futher pursue my dreams."

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