Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition


School Nutrition - Part of a Balanced Education

About our Lunch Program

All students will receive a magnetic color lunch and breakfast menu the first week of school. We encourage all students to participate in both the breakfast and lunch program. As part of the National School Lunch Program our meals provide 1/3 of the recommended dietary allowances for protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium and calories. Our school meals meet the applicable dietary guidelines for Americans, which recommends that there are not more than 30% of a student’s calories come from fats, and less that 10% saturated fat. In addition to meeting the calories and fat required for growth, we also focus on reducing sodium intake by increasing the amounts of fresh fruits and vegetables offered to the students.

Our program is offer vs. serve which allows children to have many choices. To make a complete meal the children choose three or more of the five components of the meal, which includes one fruit or vegetable serving. The components of lunch consist of grain, meal/meat alternate, milk, fruits, and vegetables. We strongly encourage the children to take a full meal including the fruits and vegetables. We have hot vegetables, fresh vegetables, fresh fruit, canned fruits, and 100% juice available weekly to encourage a variety of fruit and vegetable consumption.

The cost of a full lunch is $3.00 for middle and high school students and $2.75 for elementary students. Students that qualify for reduced lunches will pay $0.40 at all schools and the meal is free for those families that qualify. If you feel that you may qualify for free or reduced price meals please fill out a Household Eligibility Application. Applications are available at the school office.

“Grab n Go” Breakfast

Breakfast will be offered at the beginning of the school day for the students to grab and eat in their classroom. At the elementary school, breakfast kits offered include a variety of General Mills whole grain cereals, crackers and 100% juice. Children are also offered a fresh or canned fruit option and choice of milk. At the middle and high school we have a wide range of hot and cold breakfast options. Research has shown that starting the day with a nutritious breakfast helps students stay alert and perform better at school. Having breakfast in the morning also helps children develop healthy eating habits and contributes to their overall well-being.

We encourage you to participate in the school breakfast program. The cost of breakfast is $1.25 at the elementary schools and $1.75 at the middle and high school. All free and reduced students eat breakfast for free.

Any questions regarding child nutrition can be addressed by calling Melissa Biltz, Cafeteria Manager, at (330) 852-3215 or email

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